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2013-04-04 10:25:05 by shintan

well this is where i post my so called art, at least i try at times XD

been forever ey?

2012-11-25 10:35:50 by shintan

sup peeeps this is shintan =D, i disapeard from Newgrounds when i got hooked on DA, i got the whole shabang annnnnd my skills as a artist is getting better i'll post two of my new stuff =D

new stuff

2011-11-22 17:21:56 by shintan

the problem i'm having probs that i cant post my stuff my comp wont let me T~T ill keep you folks that like my stuff

nothing new =/

2011-11-17 16:50:57 by shintan

so far i havnt made any new art or idea's *sad face* and i havnt been on (spelt wrong) alot... sooo i have no clue who might check up on my profile and what not leave a comment and i might be able to say hello. lol take it easy all


2011-10-22 09:38:03 by shintan


new art day!!

2011-10-14 22:48:26 by shintan

yaaay i just uploaded some new art of mine working with shading and getting the face and hair correct =D so yes finally new work is done and show leave what ya think of them = w=-d

New art book New art styls

2011-10-06 17:55:37 by shintan

well i got art supplies not to long ago and been creating characters and what not focusing on the head then the body, i can post two of my drawings this Friday (if im lucky), but its the same picture format as befor lol so deal with it ppl = w=-d other then that yaaaay dif art styl's and working on them........ i stilll need alot of work and clean ups

newe art styls and what not

2011-08-28 13:07:30 by shintan

well as ya can clearly see up top my skils as a artist still needs work and taking the photograph of it XD... other than that i do alot and i mean alot of chibi art and small time doddles im cearantly working on small scale full body characters... still need work ill amit that XD other than the normalbanter im slowly getting better. well if ya have anything to say ya know what to do XD

im still a nub T.T

2011-08-23 00:45:11 by shintan

weellll all to those who enter my little profile page i bid ya welcome to the most boring place XD ......... back to main point >.>' i draw a little i sing and dance i do acting trying to find a job as a voice actor for some randome anime or a flash im still a nub in that feild yet im 20 years old and single and live a lonly ish life YAAAAY more games for me bwahahahahahaha......... aaaaand im randome as all fuck soooooooooooo yaaaaa other than that i love gothic, dark, birht and any other art style's i mainly draw chibi and i want to get better and make a full body and create my own idea's instead of looking at some one's work and get a idea or rip part of their work off its not vary nice of me isnt it?????? ehem im a big i mean BIG anime Otaku yay anime (randome confete) and gamer i mean Hardcore gamer whear i know "1337" epicz stuff their and to put the cherry on top i cant spell worth crap sooooooo injoy this post coment on it do whatever send a messig if ya want to talk for the hell of it..... o and befor i forget my real name is Walter Gardner ........ and i know my last name sounds like "gardener' but no its G a r d n e r got it ><?